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About the Klaverens Hus blog

Welcome to share our everyday life with pleasure, troubles, and cares great and small; feeling satisfaction at an instrument we have been able to save, at research results, or helping private persons or organizations to assess instruments with regard to historical value; being proud of work on an international and network building level, but also at feeling disappointment at a missed instrument or frustration at the impossibility, sometimes, of meeting all the wishes of persons who want to donate instruments; still at all events fighting for the cause of keyboard instruments, holding the banner of assiduity high. Follow our activities in a main blog and several blogs dealing with different aspects aimed at readers with an interest in particular topics.

Keyboard instrument revel is our main blog, where we give information about what is going on in Klaverens Hus, posing problems and giving subjects of rejoicing in the field of keyboard instruments and their distinctive character.


Appeal for the Klaverens Hus is aimed at all those of you who want to see the Klaverens Hus collections and activities put on a solid long-term basis. The Klaverens Hus is run by a non-profit association with small resources. Such a state of things is neither sensible, nor sustainable in the long-term, considering the national status of the collections. If they are dispersed or destroyed, it will never be possible to build them up again. It will be too late. Please, give us your support by signing up the blog and writing some words! In due course, the lists will be handed over to the Swedish Ministry of Culture.




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