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The Klaverens Hus collection

The collection of the Klaverens Hus consists of instruments and objects belonging to our industrial heritage that is the largest of its kind in Sweden. In addition, there are text, picture and sound archives supplemented by a reference library.


The instrument collection comprises more than 500 items such as hammer instruments (square pianos, uprights, grand pianos etc.), harmoniums and reed organs and their self-playing variants (auto pianos, mechanical reed organs, half-automats, piano harps etc.).

Industrial heritage

Consisting of tools, machines, materials, semi-manufactured products, drawings, patterns, photographs etc. from Swedish piano and reed organ factories, the collection forms a great part of what is still left of our keyboard instrument industrial heritage. It is grouped in seven large collections:

  • The Conny Carlsson collection
  • The Baumgardt Piano Factory collection
  • The Herrljunga Piano and Reed Organ collection
  • The AB Förenade Piano- och Orgelfabriker collection
  • The Anton Almquist collection
  • The Martin Axesson collection
  • The S. Ljungqvists Orgelfabrik collection

Archive and library

  • Text archive (prints, archival documents and manuscript copies, index of sources)
  • Pictorial archive (photographs, drawings, diplomas etc.)
  • Sound archive (interviews, recordings)
  • Reference library


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