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The exhibition of the Klaverens Hus casts light upon 200 years of our stringed keyboard instrument culture. Around 70 instruments are crowding in four rooms where instruments and factory pictures mirror a rich world full of nuances with countless designs that follow the styles of the furniture à a mode. Here there are magnificent exhibition instruments made in one copy, gorgeous parlor organs with mirrors, shelves, knobs and imaginative ornaments as well as stylish everyday instruments, straight chamber pianos in the spirit of functionalism and simple school organs. Here there are rooms for the many piano and reed organ factories in the town of Arvika as well as for our best piano manufacturer Johan Gustaf Malmsjö and his time, himself, his master and his workers. Here there are seven 19th century grand pianos placed in a splendid row, some of them sounding, all rare. ‘The Automatic Corner’ presents what we have of mechanical reed organs and half automats. Diplomas, medal lyres and photographs from mainly factories and production at Herrljunga, Arvika and Vänersborg/Landvetter remind the visitor of pride in profession and craftsmanship in a lost world in times that are gone.






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