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The instrument collections at the Klaverens Hus are presented according to types of keyboard instruments. We follow the general instrument classifying principle to subdivide them according to how the sound is created. This either happens when combining action and strings (chordophones) or action and air (aerophones). Also strung keyboard instruments create the sound in different ways. All have in common that they are equipped with a keyboard.

The piano instruments have hammers that beat their respective strings. They form a group of their own within the chordophones.

The clavichords have tangents that shorten the strings.

The harpsichords have tongues (plectra) that pluck the strings.

The reed organs or pump organs have brass reeds that are set in vibration when air passes through them.

Self-playing instruments create the sound mechanically. In our collections there are two main groups of music automats, namely auto pianos with pin-hole music rolls (roll players) and grind organs with pin-hole music discs (reed organs).

The special keyboard instruments contain such instruments that cannot be ranged in these main groups in a natural way, for example electronic instruments.

On this homepage instruments are also found when presenting the respective factory or workshop (Knowledge bank, Factories) and our own exhibition.



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