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Reed organs (pump organs)


Reed organs get the sound from brass reeds which vibrate when air is passing through them. Accordions and mouth-organs set the tone in the same manner and are thus relatives to the reed organs.

There are two principles how the air brings the reeds into vibration. The European system uses pressure air bellows, whereas the American system chooses the opposite way with suction air (vacuum). The American construction is easier to make and produce, and the reed organs have a softer sound compared to the European harmoniums.

Reed organs were made in many styles and models from those having one single stop to larger two or three manual pedal organs with as much as 30 stops. The different models have names from the way they were used, for example school organs, cottage organs, desk organs, parlor organs, chapel organs, concert organs and practice organs for future pipe organists.

Three manual pedal reed organ built by K.A.Andersson, Stockholm, 1890s.
Photo: Mats Ernvik.

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