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When working we see and notice much both when arranging our own collections and working among people in the community.
The image of our keyboard instrument culture that grows to our minds sometimes need to be supplemented by ‘missing links’, be it such things we lack in the collections or want to add to the catalogues or just want to know the present whereabouts. Examples of the latter are art case instruments we have seen on pictures but don’t know where they are today. In addition to that we are in need of borrowing and documenting in order to build up and maintain the knowledge bank. To give an example, old photographs are something we always are hunting for. Sometimes we get donations but in certain cases people don’t want to part from their properties. Then, we usually may borrow and scan them.

Here is a want list so there will be ‘Christmas Eve’ all the year round at the Klaverens Hus!

Art case instruments, where are they to be found today?
Old Swedish grand pianos
Swedish auto pianos
Swedish grind organs
Unusual models

Diplomas and medals from art and industrial fairs
Photographs of factories or music dealers
Tools or other work materials from the factories

Instruments of which we eagerly want to know their present whereabouts are presented separately, for example a desk-shaped art reed organ made by Östlind & Almquist in Arvika in the 1890s and sold by auction in Arvika c. 1990/91.

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