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Sponsors and contributors

In saving the cultural heritage represented by our keyboard instruments the Klaverens Hus Association has many and high expenses for buying instruments and above all for transporting them to us. We thankfully receive gifts to our activities in order to complete the work of creating a collection of Swedish built keyboard instruments that mirror the development in our country (we are about half the way), of keeping a restoring workshop and of maintaining extensive and interesting activities of exhibitions, concerts and of publishing books, CD editions and more.

Continuous economic assistance to our BG 5964-8840 is of great value for the work to save this part of our cultural heritage from destruction.

Several organizations, foundations and companies have supported us financially and many private persons have given from pleasure and economic strength (only juridical persons are listed below):

Anders Kilström, professor, pianist
Ann-Sofi Klingberg, pianist
Bengt Andersson, pianist, piano teacher
Campus Park, Vågbro
Carl Wahren, piano technician
Christian Svarfvar, violinist
Crafoordska stiftelsen (the Crafoord Foundation)
Fotografen, Mats Holm, Söderhamn
Gävleborgs länsstyrelse
Hans Leygraf, professor, pianist
Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse (the Helge Ax:son Foundation)
Herrljunga kommun (The Herrljunga local government)
Inra AB through Inge Sandelius and Ragnhild Brodow, Marmaverken
Jeanette Clayton, translator
Johan Fröst, pianist
Konfonium Audio AB through Per Hallgren, Vällingby
Konung Gustav VI Adolfs fond för svensk kultur (Kungafonden; the Royal Foundation)
Kungliga Musikaliska akademien (Royal Academy of Music)
Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapets Understödsfond (the Royal Patriotic Society Relief Fund)
Lars Roos, pianist
Leif Samuelsson, piano technician
Linda Stråhle, piano technician
Lucia Negro, pianist
LW Ljudteknik AB through Roberth Wickström, Järfälla
Mark Tatlow, professor, harpsichordist
Martin Fröst, clarinet-player
Mats Widund, professor, pianist
Matti Hirvonen, pianist
Musik Gävleborg
Musik- och Teatermuseet, Stockholm
Musiktransport AB through Kjell och Dick Rönnblom, Stockholm
Ola Karlsson, professor, violoncello-player
Riksantikvarieämbetet (National Board of Antiquities)
Roland Pöntinen, pianist
Rolf Ericzon, organist, pianist
Scania, Södertälje
Sparbanksstiftelsen Söderhamn (the Söderhamn Saving Bank Foundation)
Spektrum Färg & Golvhuset i Söderhamn AB
Staffan Scheja, professor, pianist
Stefan Bojsten, professor, pianist
Studiefrämjandet i Söderhamn
Susanne Rydén, sopran
Söderhamns kommun (the Söderhamn local government)
Thomas Schuback, professor, pianist
Thorleif Thedén, professor, violoncello-player
Tore Uppström, pianist
Ulrika Karsson, singer
Yrkeshuset inom AME i Söderhamn
Östen Häggmark, piano technician  




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