Collections at Klaverens Hus

The collections at Klaverens Hus consist of instruments and industrial artefacts which together constitute the country’s largest of its kind. Archives and libraries contain supplementary information and support the work with the collections, which are unique in Europe.


The more than 600 instruments include hammer-action instruments (pianos, square piano, cabinet piano, uprights, grand pianos, etc.); harmoniums (pump organs); and self-playing instruments (player pianos, barrel organs, auto-harmoniums, Småland pianos, etc.).

Industrial Heritage

Our collections of industrial artifacts consist of tools, machines, materials, intermediate products, drawings, templates, photographs, etc. from Swedish piano and organ factories, which mainly belong to seven major collections:

Conny Carlsson collection
Herrljunga municipality piano and organ historical collections
Västra Värmlands Cultural History Association museum: piano and organ historical collections in Arvika Museum at Sågudden
Anton Almquist collection, Arvika
Martin Axesson collection, Arvika
Objects and archive documents from Baumgardt piano factory in Linköping
Ljungqvist Organ Factory, Vänersborg and Landvetter

Archives and libraries

Text archives (older prints, archival documents and copies thereof, records of sources)
Photo archive (photographs, diplomas, etc.)
Audio archive (interviews, recordings)
Reference library