Scandinavian Organ Factory, Practice Organ (KH 580)

Practice organ (harmonium), Scandinavian Organ Factory, nr 4303, ca 1891, KH 580

Scandinavian Organ Factory nr 4303 (c 1891) KH 580
Catalogue of Scandinavian Organ Factory 1891, s. 14

The magnificent practice organ (harmonium) from the Skandinaviska Orgelfabriken, which was recently added to the collections and is now on display in Klaverens Hus, can be dated to around 1891.

The model is included in the factory’s catalogue, which was printed this year, where it has model number 120. It is described there as “”rikt ornerad med s.k. glödritningar i modern stil” (richly decorated with so-called pyrography in a modern style) and executed in “genuine walnut” with “3 7/10 parts, 5 octaves, knee swell, octave couple and 13 registers” (p. 15).

The organ commanded a price of 650 kroner and was thus relatively expensive, but not so expensive that people from the middle class could not treat themselves to an organ for a sum that was higher than what you would pay for an ordinary piano. Our organ was bought by the seller’s grandparents probably in 1891 and has been in the same family, until Klaverens Hus acquired it. The organ has always been taken good care of and is therefore in unusually good condition.