Exhibition piano, Henry Tolkien (KH 275)

Exhibition piano (upright), Henry Tolkien, London (c. 1860), KH 275

Exhibition piano, Henry Tolkien, London (c 1860) KH 275

Main group: Hammered instruments

Instrument type: Piano, Exhibition model piano

Manufacturer: Henry Tolkien London / King William
Street London Bridge / Exhibition Model Piano /
By Her Majesty’s Royal Letters Patent

Location: London

Year: c 1860

Serial number: 1453/6876

Compass: AAA-a4

Surface/wood species/decorations: Walnut, freestanding brackets in neo-rococo style (lion’s paws, flowers, etc.)

Body dimensions: (height) 117.6 cm

Mechanism: Cabinet piano mechanics

Pedal(s): 2

Frame construction: Iron plate without slats

Stringing: Straight string, 1-2-chord, 8 single bases

Condition: Should not be made playable

Other (accessories, etc.): Original mounts for candlesticks (the candle-arms are missing). The upper frame has been changed.

Detail of neo-rococo carved leg
Nameplate of Tolkien piano