Klaverens Hus in Lövstabruk can be found in the former Folkets Hus, where the old indoor dance hall is now an exhibition space and concert room.

Here we have collected architect-designed magnificent instruments and the playable ones and selected instruments so that they reflect development and diversity in construction and exterior design. Here, no two instruments are alike.

The room has guided the design of the exhibition. In the long row facing the windows, there are splendid squares. The grand pianos, all of which are playable, are concentrated on an area closest to the stage. Small pianos fill the wall facing the old café, which is now the place for meetings, storytelling sessions, etc.

In the middle of the hall stands a row of unique grand pianos back to back. At the end towards the entrance, two stately cabinet pianos guard this unique space. The small organs have been given their place on stage. The six clavichords that are now in the House can be seen in or directly adjacent to the old café.