Text archive

The text archive at Klaverens Hus contains both prints and manuscripts, which function as sources for our piano history.

Anton Almquist (1864-1949): 4 scrapbooks relating to Östlind & Almquist 1890-1938.

J. O. Baumgardt’s piano factory, Linköping: documents relating to the production, a journey book belonging to Otto Fredrik Jarl (b. 1834) and copies of Johan Otto Baumgardt’s oldest notebooks, one dated 13/3 1872, both with the function of sales books (number books).

Documents concerning the piano and organ industry in Herrljunga: such as. Bergling’s piano factory and parts of Anders Sjögren’s business correspondence together with drawings for keyboards (1940s).

Ljungqvist’s Organ Factory, Vänersborg and Landvetter (1899-1945): including the order book 1915-1945, convention for outgoing letters 1899-1905, accounts, catalogs 1999-1935, price lists and other advertising and a family book.

J. P. Nyström’s Piano and Organ Factory: 2 scrapbooks 1924-1939, ref. jubilees 1925-1950.

Georg Christoffer Rachwitz (1760-1844): keyboard maker in Stockholm, 1 bundle of documents concerning himself (will) and his son, the castle carpenter JH Dumrath (various properties).

Catalogues, price lists and other advertising in original or copy from Swedish and foreign factories of pianos, organ harmoniums, self-playing instruments, piano mechanics and accessories (print).

Older prints concerning piano and organ construction as well as temperament and tuning.

JG Malmsjö, work certificate for OF Jarl