Pianino, A.T. Berglöf (KH 587)

Pianino (upright piano), A. T. Berglöf, Stockholm, nr 76 (c. 1855) KH 587

Pianino (upright piano), A. T. Berglöf, Stockholm, nr 76 (1855) KH 587

August Theodor Berglöf (1827-after 1887) was the son of the piano maker Johan Eric Berglöf (1787-1845). Like his brother Johan Frans Berglöf (1818-after 1850), he became a piano maker with his first apprenticeship in his father’s workshop. At just over 20 years old, on 8 October 1850 he received his burghership as an instrument maker in Stockholm. He lived in Jakobs församling for a long time. In the years 1878-1883 he was found at the address Lästmakaregatan 29 and in the years 1883-1887 Oxtorgsgatan 18 (invid Hötorget). On 1 June 1887 he is recorded as having moved to Oslo in Norway. Whether he established himself there or continued to the United States remains to be seen.

Not many instruments have survived from this Berglöf workshop. The square pianos predominate, and this is the first known pianino by him. It is serial number 76, and assuming an average production of 15 instruments per year, we arrive at the year 1855. The small instrument is made of mahogany and has decoratively carved dolphin heads in the form of brackets.

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