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Dummy keyboard



The Klaverens Hus has received a dummy keyboard from the pianist Tore Uppström (1937-2006; inv.no KH 192) which is the first of its kind in our collections. It serves as an instrument for practice with five mute octaves and is placed in a case lying on a wooden stand. It was made in Germany and should be possible to date by the patent number. Tore got it at the end of the 1960s from the pianist Astrid Berwald (1886-1982) when he interviewed her for his book Pianists in Sweden (Pianister i Sverige). Astrid Berwald, granddaughter of the composer Franz Berwald (1796-1868), may sometimes have lent it to Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871-1927), famous pianist, composer and conductor. Through its connection with these three pianists, the dummy keyboard has earned a unique place in Swedish piano history and piano culture.


Astrid Berwald



Wilhelm Stenhammar


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